Your Internet for Mobile devices

Today's Internet is geared to using smart phones and tablets as the primary computing device. Even in larger companies, the trend is away from desktop PCs. This means the user is anywhere! Our customers want flexibility, security, and capable of working with video images! "FIBERCAPE meets the CHALLENGE"

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Maritime Vessel Tracking, Video Surveilance, Offshore Wind Farms

Homeland Security Wireless, Inc. is the "engineering division" that designs the architecture. Since the vessels could be in any orientation, the Fibercape Internet maintained connectivity while transiting Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay out to Fall River and beyond! Video surveillance was incorporated!  WiFi inside the vessel was installed. Navigational APPS were installed! Even offshore windfarms adopted this technology!

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Sophisticated Users in Health Care included their remote operations

Not only health care, but various companies with diverse locations can be connected as a single unit. This is a highly secure requirement that Fibercape solves.

Within each facility there is the need to properly secure data. Most facilities need WiFi for their customers. Separation of the two is our specialty.

A Fibecape solution can either use a fiber optic connection directly to their desired location, or even a secured microwave link to those remote facilities that lack Internet choices!

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Fiber Optic and Microwave connectivity are Fibercape's value proposition and with maximized Internet security!

A simple site survey is always performed to see and understand our customers needs. All of our customers seek more flexibility and low operating costs compared to old T1-lines or high congestion cable TV systems.

Fibercape's main operation uses a 12 Gbps capacity fiber optic connection. The fiber optic connection routes all connections to Needham MA to a facility that intersects and joins other fiber connections to the WWW. It uses automatic "Least Cost Routing" to determine the best and least cost destination. The site survey determines how a fiber circuit can be brought into the facility.

Fibercape also has a master Wireless Tower. If a facility cannot be reached easily with fiber, a microwave signal can be used, as part of the Fibercape network to reach outlying facilities. What is most interesting is the speed of the microwave approach is the speed is actually faster than many fiber optic installations!

As an example of Fibercape's extensive microwave network could be found in the Merrimack Valley of MA/NH using a system of 13 towers connecting Nashua to Newburyport!

Fibercape is not a single solution company: Consider all alternatives when discussing the most cost-effective application with our engineering department!


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