Our Approach

As an Internet Service Provider, Fibercape  concentrates on the fundamental technologies that propel secure, adaptable, and the fastest possible Internet circuit connection: 1) the use of a fiber circuit with supreme capacity, currently up to 13 Gbps rates, and 2) the use of microwave links to span significant distances, currently up to 29 Miles.

The system design is simple, and reliable. All we need to know is: "Where are you located!" and "What kind of Internet services do you need?"

Microwave links can be full duplex just like the Fiber connection. Fiber isn't everywhere! Microwave an get you there!

Our Story

Our main business, Homeland Security Wireless, Inc., started as a Massachusetts Corporation in March, 1989. We are a group of engineers including a team of contractors that saw there was an insatiable appetite to provide secure video/computer networking, especially for Homeland Security at the federal and State level, and Police/Fire/Community applications.

Many communities quickly discovered that drug busts allowed ill-gotten drug gains to be converted as a source of funding! The newly emerging cell tower networks became a new place to install their radio antennas and install more efficient data terminals in vehicles. The largest system we built was for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections system in Cranston, Rhode Island fielding well over 1000 radios!

A significant event occurred when WiFi began to appear! We had fun hacking the WiFi units and converting them to a new form of communication called WiMAX that covered significant distances. Today, with billions of WiFi units being built, the cost to build robust networks covering many square miles became a reality (and inexpensive).

In another major application, our company designed and installed marine systems covering Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard Sounds, and Buzzards Bay that provided for the safety of ships and working vessels well over 1100 square miles!

Our job, as we see it, is to build robust Internet networks AND the connectivity to users at a great price and provide the service level that meets your needs!

We are engineers! We seek to be at the forward leaning Internet solution industry in the areas we serve!

Meet the Owner!

Peter K. Butler formed Homeland Security Wireless, Inc. to design wide-area Internet networks for public safety and Homeland Security requirements. He then created Fibercape Internet Services to access fiber optic lines with dedicated Internet Service.


Peter K. Butler

Founder & CEO/CTO

Peter began his interest in radios as a radio ham licensed at the age of 13. He loved to experiment and build shortwave radios. "If you love what you do... Go for it!" Excelling in Math and the Sciences, he went to Rutgers University and received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering followed by advanced Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. He worked for a number of large defense contractors that specialized in microwave defense systems such as radars and electronic countermeasures for high performance aircraft. He formed Homeland Security Wireless, Inc. in March 1989 as he saw a fantastic future in the development of microwave technologies for wider consumer applications like WiFi. He saw that microwaves had an expansive future in everyday communications.

Next Steps...

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