Homeland Security Wireless, Inc. started its business as a Massachusetts Corporation in March 1989. It was formed by Peter K. Butler as a wireless systems design corporation looking to leverage microwave and light-based communications techniques to solve Public Safety issues in Police, Fire, and EMS services and into the education/scientific markets.

FiberCape Internet Services is our Internet Service Provision business.
We do something quite different to drive down the cost of high Internet bandwidth!
A simple solution, and unique to our service, is using a fiber optic circuit that home runs to Needham, Massachusetts.

We are the only ISP with a hybrid fiber/wireless solution! At Needham there are multiple WWW providers cross connecting their fiber circuits
using a method of "low cost routing" to a desired destination. The circuit operates at 1000/1000 Mbps speed and is scalable to 12,000/12,000 Mbps.

A fiber optic drop is made to a system of wireless transmitting towers that use the latest microwave technology to redeliver symmetric bandwidth to our customers. Wireless transmitters operate in 54/54 Mbps, 300/300 Mbps, or 1000/1000 Mbps speeds. Why? Because it is inexpensive!

FiberCape is the only symmetrical service required for the emerging needs for Data, Voice, and Video. IP-streaming is the latest revolution and that needs a high upload bandwidth!

While some of our customers prefer a dedicated fiber optic circuit, we can provide minimum bandwidth needs and scale the bandwidth according to your budget.

Fiber optic circuits are usually brought to a location via utility poles or underground conduits. A site survey is required to determine the cost of the fiber drop usually costing $15,000/mile. Renting a wireless modem beats that price hands down at $30/month!

Our success is our track record in specialized Internet services. We have new solutions for the fast paced data, video, and voice technologies!

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FiberCape Division Headquarters Telephone: 508-299-1404