Fiber Optic Internet
Up to 12/12 Gbps speeds over a Fiber Optic Network. Full Internet symmetry. Voip telephone service, Video IP-streaming. Virtual Networks.
Wireless Internet
Up to 1000/1000 Mbps speeds with up to 82 secured wireless channels. Wireless can reach line of sight distances up to 30 miles from transmitting towers
The ultimate bandwidth Internet connection is a fully symmetrical up and download bandwidth Internet circuit. FiberCape Speeds are 1000/1000 Mbps. We are an established Internet systems integrator since 1989 complete with technical installation and full-time support in your local area!

FiberCape service has distinctly important characteristics: Excellent VoIP-telephone service with low jitter and latency, high upload speeds for video Surveillance or IP-streaming, and a direct connection to a WWW portal in Needham, MA. In Needham, there is a cross connection to other fiber optic circuits for least cost routing. Smart phones and tablets love this!

You have a choice! Choose either a directly connected fiber circuit to your place of business, or, receive a wireless signal from our system of towers. Wireless is the best method if you are in an area that lacks a choice of service! A free site survey is always included!

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