Constructing a multi-network at our Network Operating Center in Falmouth. Work on a 105' tower with 8 antennas aimed at various town wide applications.

Integrating a video control room for a new video conferencing system

 The need to cover Buzzards Bay and western areas has expanded one of our Larger Sytems.

A Large System Example:

Town of Falmouth

The Town of Falmouth had limited Internet connectivity. It depended on a Verizon-provided T1-line (1.5 Mbps) brought to each facility include Fire, Police, DPW, Schools, Libraries, remote sites. Our Homeland Security Wireless Division studied the possibilities of a combined wireless network that could interconnect 23 facilities. The facilities could have a 60/60 Mbps capability (back in 1998)! Falmouth, needed to have much more Internet, and a 300/300 Mbps fiber optic line was brought in (2012). At the same time, our company upgraded all the wireless links to 300/300 Mbps.

A decision was made to include wireless links as a "redundant" connection. A series of upgrades were made to 1.4/1.4 Gbps - Full Duplex!

Another decision was to install upper level Video Cameras and a new DVR system and various locations had the equipment installed throughout the Town.

This description shows how the Internet has rapidly changed, and Fibercape leads the way with it's expertise in Fiber Optics and Wireless Microwave Solutions!