New Products:
VoIP Telephone service includes two digital telephone lines and unlimited calling in the USA and Canada at $30/month. Digital handsets for a 2-line phone are rented at $8/month. There are no taxes with VoIP service.

Video streaming for watching IP-TV or uploading to You Tube or Video surveillance for multiple cameras in business situations create additional demand on operating bandwidth.

Mulitiple buildings, Condos, Hotel/Motel require high bandwidth a security from unit to unit. Today, IP-streaming applicationsare more economical to build, and bandwidth can be adjusted to meet the tenant's budget without compromising security.

Solar Powered systems are available for building contractors who need a high speed Internet connection and video streaming for building projects, or any other location where AC power is not available.

Advanced L2/3 routers are now included! In addition to the standard 2-port router, customers can select 3, 9, or 13 ports. Multi-port routers increase the security of your network, and isolate user groups. Quality of Service can be assigned depending on the group, and even different subnets. These are rented on a monthly basis.

WiFi options: One of our unique products is a dual purpose modem to include local WiFi use including Internet connection capability. The WiFi option even has a built in web server!

Free site survey: A site survey is required to determine your location to the nearest fiber node or wireless transmitter and to determine the need for network integration and service. We can assist with the calculation of bandwidth based on your needs assessment.

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VoIP Telephone Services
Video Surveillance and IP-streaming
Building Municipal networks for Public Safety and Schools
Solar power systems for remote applications