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Race Communications

Site Surveys:

The first step is to provide a site survey. Fiber Class Internet services are always specified on the basis of the geographic location, distance from an available fiber node or a wireless transmitting site.

The second step is to determine the amount of bandwidth required. It begins by counting the number of computing devices hooked to the Internet, wireless Access Points, if required, and the type of servers intended.

The third step is to determine the priorities of the bandwidth. VoIP requires stable, jitter free, and low latency. Our routers are set to detect that type of traffic. IP-streaming is the highest bandwidth. For video surveillance it is measured in "frames/second". While 5 FPS is "normal" rate for surveillance, there may be needs for high level streaming.

The fourth step is allocating bandwidth according to applications. Network surfing is the lower priority, but file exchange could be the highest priority especially for medical images and construction drawings.

Remember: Your bandwidth is fixed and divided down by the number of users and computing devices at your facility. Just because your network may use 100/1000 Mbps devices, that doesn't relate to bandwidth being supplied. Fortunately, we scale bandwidth, so a simple keystroke at our NOC will make the necessary bandwidth changes according to the price charts. Yes, our pricing scales too!

Wireless Surveys:

Wireless surveys are to determine the "line of sight" between our wireless towers and your facility. There are two major determinations requred: the curvature of the earth, and the geographical terrain between the two points. In practice, the distance betwwen the tower and the facility is 20-30 miles and dependent on how high an antenna is to be mounted. Google Earth (tm) is a useful tool to determine the physical situation. You will be very interested in Wireless because it is extremly inexpensive and bandwidths up to 4000/4000 Mbps can be achieved depending on "line of sight".
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