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Homeland Security Wireless, Inc., 5 Robinson Road, Falmouth, MA 02540
FiberCape Division Headquarters Telephone: 508-299-1404
Internet Bandwidth: Starting at $80/month for shared wireless channel or $145/month for dedicated wireless service channel. Direct Fiber Optic delivery requires a site survey. Fiber optic service starts at $495/month plus fiber installation. Wireless service requires line of sight to the nearest transmitter.

VoIP Telephone: Starting at $30/month for two digital telephone line service. VoIP handsets available starting at $59 for 2-line services.

IP-Streaming: Free on dedicated wireless services.

Public IP Addresses: One free for dedicated wireless service. Optional up to 13 addresses

Commercial Router: Included for shared or dedicated wireless service. Optional 3-port, 9-port or 13-port L2/3 router. A Ciena router is included in a fiber optic price.

Installation and provisioning: For wireless connections, an antenna/modem/router kit is provided and installed by our professional installers. For fiber connections, a site survey is used to determine the route of the fiber on poles or in trenches, as required.

Service/Monitoring: 24/7/365 monitoring with remote service. Various plans can be quoted according to needs.

Security: Service is delivered over a private IP address, and secured with WPA2 technology.

How to price: Shared wireless channel is for the price challenged. Dedicated wireless service is priced by the number of users and how to use the service efficiently. info@fibercape.com