System Analysis

Equivalent to an Architect, we can provide an analysis of your requirements. Typically our engineers study the geography and location of where the system has to function. Towns have multiple departments: Fire, Police, DPW, Schools. Medical facilities would be the Hospitals and the remote care sites.

Internet Connectivity using Fibercape Internet Services

The superior connectivity is one that provides direct access to the WWW. Dedicated Fiber Optic Connections are the most robust. Microwave links extend the range to difficult places. Dedicated Internet access is a premium service. Usually a backup connection is used from existing networks.

Putting it All Together

Homeland Security Wireless, Inc., our engineering group combines high performance Internet connections using combinations of fiber optic and microwave technologies. It is crafted to provide the fastest network connectivity over wide geographical areas.

One of the fastest growing markets are HOA where Internet can be shared within a group where no reasonable service is available!


Backup Internet Services.

Using specialized routers, Fibercape Internet Services offices internet connectivity to 4G applications. For a single site, with multiple users inside an office building, a special antenna can reach a 4G location, provide WiFi, and inter facility connections to remote sites

Mircowave Products - Built for Speed!

Mircowave antennas can as small as 4" in diameter and weigh in at 6 oz. In the clear they travel about 1 mile and can transmit 300/300 Mbps speeds! They cost $100 on average! If you want super speed, "dish" type antennas can transmit 4/4 Gbps up to 6 miles. These antennas are in the $1500 range. In both cases the microwave electronics are integrated into the antenna. In case you wonder why there is a yellow baloon, that was used to scare away Osprey so they don't make a nest! It worked!


Next Steps...

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